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The 1960s counterculture movement celebrated life, music, love, and peace. The Human Be-Ins came together as a strong community made of passion and activism, focusing on inspiring ideas such as personal empowerment, ecological awareness, and a higher consciousness.


Be-In is a place for everybody. Inclusivity and mindfulness is non-negotiable. Gone are the days of desperately shrinking our waistlines, not being allowed to take photos during an appointment, listening to the expectations of others above our own, or feeling guilt for drinking champagne on a Tuesday. This life is beautiful and worth celebrating, every step of the way.


The designer collective you'll find here consists of some of the most intentional and creative artists in the industry. This group of independent designers provides the opportunity for all brides to create a fully customizable bridal fit, unique to your body, your style, and your love story. High-quality fabrics, working with ethical supply chains and leaving minimal waste, all created in studios across the world.


I'm glad you're here. Let's have some fun.

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